Predict the number of employees needed, with the right qualification, in every moment for your stores, restaurants or hotels chain, it is not a easy issue, but in such a competitive environment, an oversized and unproductive workforce is not an option.

Lomaxim allows you to predict the sales assistance needed and other administrative and maintenance tasks, for each center and calculates total workload every 30 minutes, then generates the shifts required to meet this workload and finally assigns them to each employee according to your organization scheduling policies.

The potential of Lomaxim is adjusting employee shifts to the workload, every time and in each centre, in an easy, optimized and automatic way.

Lomaxim has a direct impact on your company income statement because adjusts labour costs to workload, increases sales by improving sales assistance, monitors the labour management of each center and has a simple analytical to improve the operations in the most time consuming tasks to become more competitive.

  • Moves operational tasks outside customer service hours
  • Optimises resourcing
  • Standardise processes among the company
  • Clarifies individual responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Reduces employees' unproductive and unassigned tasks and time
  • Frees employees to focus on sales/customer service
  • Improve customer service
  • Increases sales opportunities
  • Reduces time to get out schedules
  • Places responsibility and accountability directly to local management and customer service staff
  • Provides access to real time resourcing data at regional and head offices for cost management and planning
  • Enables continuous improvement in processes that improve customer service to drive increased sales
  • Stand alone software with no adaptation/development required
  • Implementation in less than one week
  • No extra efforts in data protection compliance
  • Store specific factors
In order to get an estimate of your opportunity, you can get a preliminary diagnosis for free by just filling 12 fields. This exercise is completely anonymous and no personal data is required.

After filling the questionnaire you will get a detailed explanation of how your savings can be achieved as a result of implementing the LOMAXIM methodology.

Default data correspond to a real case. By replacing this data with your own you will get projections of the savings your company will make.
This business management methodology needs to be accepted by the senior management and supported at all levels in the company in order to achieve the goals.

The achievement of your goals will depend on your departments' participation. LOMAXIM should be seen as a collaborative effort and not as competition between employees and departments.

Affected departments are pointed out in the chart, please select each of them for details.