ALE-HOP is a chain of stores created to be accessible to everyone, in which you can find fashion accessories, gifts and decoration.

With more than 100 outlets between Spain and Portugal, it is developing LOMAXIM methodology for its roughly 600 employees.


With a steady growth in 1996 Carphone Warehouse began the process of European expansion with the name ThePhoneHouse (currently PhoneHouse) and becomes the fastest growing private company in Britain. Today is the largest independent telecommunications chain, with more than 2,000 outlets spread across 9 countries of the continent (Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands).

In our country, it opened its first PhoneHouse communications center in December 1997 in Madrid Calle Conde de Peņalver.

Currently it has more than 500 outlets spread across the Spanish geography and more than 2,500 experts in telecommunications.


Kiwoko is the leading pet shop chain in Spain.

In Kiwoko we specialize in all types of animals and have a team of over 300 people dedicated to satisfy, as a lover of animals is not only a client, he is a friend.

To help care for and enjoy your best friend have the best deals in the sector and with more specialized staff.


The Sprinter Group started in 1995 when its first center for the sale of sportswear and fashion met light. Today, it is one of the leading national operators in the distribution of fashion wear, accessories and sports equipment.

Currently, Sprinter has more than 80 outlets with more than 1,600 experts in sports equipment, being present in 10 spanish regions.